«On closer investigation,
soft factors turn out to be very hard.»
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This is what clients and students are saying

She was great. Really brilliant.

Expatriate Spouse, attending an intercultural training

Your coaching was very helpful. We have more weekly meetings, which is good for discussing the work and listening to each other’s feedback. Because we exchange ideas and communicate more, we improved the quality of our work profoundly.

Team-leader of a multicultural team

Die Kurstage haben mir zahlreiche Gedankenanstösse gebracht und mich motiviert, öfter mal nachzufragen anstatt einfach bloss eine offene und tolerante Haltung zu bewahren…

Kursteilnehmerin Fachbereich Pflege

Ganz herzlichen Dank für den guten und spannenden Unterricht. Ich konnte für mein privates und geschäftliches Umfeld sehr viel lernen.


After this training, I’m more conscious of my tendencies and those of others, so I’m more able to tailor my behaviours more appropriately to the audience.

Expatriate manager

Christa is very knowledgable, social, well spoken and a good teacher. She readily reduces theory to practice with the use of several examples.

Manager attending a training

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