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Development of intercultural excellence for individuals, teams and organisations through the use of coaching, training and consulting, based on latest approaches and methods, process-oriented, sustainable and based on your criteria.

Speeches on intercultural topics

Such as

  • Individual coaching enabling managers to lead more effectively in an international setting
  • Coaching of multicultural teams to increase their productivity
  • Various Intercultural workshops
  • Culture-specific trainings USA, Switzerland, Germany or China
  • Training/educational programs to use culture as a success factor, targeting higher and middle management of an international operating SME
  • Development of intercultural competences of nurses or controllers
  • Expatriate training and coaching in multinational companies
  • Intercultural Assessments


Christa Uehlinger, PhD

  • Intercultural Practitioner Certificate ICI
  • President SIETAR Switzerland
  • Certified IDI administrator (Intercultural Development Inventory)
  • Certified Cultural Detective facilitator
  • Author

With a PhD in law from the University of Zurich, long-standing international business experience, studies in intercultural communication in the US and courses in the Psychology of Communication and Psychosynthesis, Dr. Christa Uehlinger is an experienced intercultural professional. After her studies, she worked over 10 years internationally in global operating companies as a manager and as a consultant.

Dr. Christa Uehlinger is an independent intercultural advisor running her own company christa uehlinger linking people® and working with leading companies from different industries as well as municipal employees, nurses, teachers and multicultural teams. Additionally, she is a lecturer in intercultural management.

Her curiosity to discover other cultures and people led her professionally and privately to Europe, Canada, the US, Australia and Asia where she has lived, worked and travelled. Her work consists of several published articles on intercultural communication; moreover, she regularly holds speeches and lectures on this topic. She is the author of Miteinander verschieden sein, interkulturelle Kompetenz als Schlüssel zur global vernetzten Welt (Versus Verlag, Zurich/Switzerland) and co-author of the game «Crazy Business Stories Intercultural».

She speaks German, English and French.


This is what clients and students are saying

She was great. Really brilliant.

Expatriate Spouse, attending an intercultural training

Your coaching was very helpful. We have more weekly meetings, which is good for discussing the work and listening to each other’s feedback. Because we exchange ideas and communicate more, we improved the quality of our work profoundly.

Team-leader of a multicultural team

Die Kurstage haben mir zahlreiche Gedankenanstösse gebracht und mich motiviert, öfter mal nachzufragen anstatt einfach bloss eine offene und tolerante Haltung zu bewahren…

Kursteilnehmerin Fachbereich Pflege

Ganz herzlichen Dank für den guten und spannenden Unterricht. Ich konnte für mein privates und geschäftliches Umfeld sehr viel lernen.


After this training, I’m more conscious of my tendencies and those of others, so I’m more able to tailor my behaviours more appropriately to the audience.

Expatriate manager

Christa is very knowledgable, social, well spoken and a good teacher. She readily reduces theory to practice with the use of several examples.

Manager attending a training

Further references on request


My international and local network allows me to identify, if needed, a suitable expert to meet your needs.


Weltkarte Netzwerk

  • Australia
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • Middle and Eastern Europe
  • India
  • Africa
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • UK
  • Italy
  • USA
  • Canada
  • South America


Organisational development and change: Beatrice Erb, b plus e

Management Consulting: Martin Stettler, stettlerpartners


Here’s what happened:


«Miteinander verschieden sein»
Versus Verlag
CHF 34.90 / EUR 31.40
(plus shipping)

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Card game (English)
«Puzzling Intercultural Stories»
Versus Verlag
CHF 29.90 / EUR 28.90 /
USD 29.90 (plus shipping)

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Card game (German)
«Crazy Business Stories 3»
Versus Verlag
CHF 24.90 / EUR 19.90
(plus shipping)

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Article about the book and game in Der Soldat, Nr. 22, 19. November 2014

Articles, speeches and reviews

Interkulturelle Kommunikation – «Gopfriedstutz, das ist ja harte Arbeit» (pdf)
Ein Interview mit Dr. Christa Uehlinger
Frequenz 01-2018

Regeln gelten für alle – oder doch nicht? (pdf)
Magazin Arbeitssicherheit Schweiz, Dezember 2017

Fremd ist nur anders. Organisationsberatung braucht interkulturelle Kompetenz (pdf)
Journal bso Nr.3/2016

Alles «great» – oder doch nicht? (pdf)
Miss Moneypenny 6/2015

Special Consulting (pdf)
Handelszeitung 25. Juni 2015

Wer ist eigentlich «komisch»? – der andere, ich oder gar wir beide? (pdf)
Eine Betrachtung zur Wichtigkeit der interkulturellen Kompetenz im heutigen globalen Umfeld
EventEmotion 1/2015

Was heisst Kultur? Was heisst Integration? Eine Begriffsdiskussion (pdf)
Qu’est-ce que la culture? L’intégration? Retour sur les concepts (pdf)
in: Netzwerk Kinderbetreuung Schweiz und Schweizerische UNESCO-Kommission [Hrsg.] (2014): Fokuspublikation Integration: Aspekte und Bausteine qualitativ guter Integrationsarbeit in der Frühen Kindheit. Eine thematische Vertiefung des Orientierungsrahmens für frühkindliche Bildung, Betreuung und Erziehung in der Schweiz. Zofingen, S. 8–10.

Cross-cultural understanding – a key to the global workforce (→
AHRMIO Interview 23: Christa Uehlinger

Bedeutet International arbeiten interkulturell kompetent zu sein? (pdf)
in: C. Voigt, Interkulturell führen. Diversity 2.0 als Wettbewerbsfaktor (2009)
NZZ Verlag, Zürich, S. 255-266



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